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  • DWC-25 faxed to NCM/Adjustor and provided for patient at the end of the visit, same-day
  • Non-opioid pain management strategies employed
  • Clear, progressive return to work goals with regular scheduled follow-up to monitor progress
  • Cortisone, PRP and Hyaluronic acid injections employed as part of a nonoperative management
  • Orthotics, x-rays, casts and braces can be provided here in the office to facilitate urgent management and minimize delay in care with authorization.
  • Certified in the State of Florida as a Medical Examiner.
  • Narcotic and non-narcotic medication, DME and transportation and/or attendant care orders placed preoperatively to facilitate a smooth postoperative course
  • English, Spanish and Creole spoken
  • Appointments available within one business day

Dr. Deben and Dr. Sher are board-certified orthopedic surgeons with over two decades of combined experience in managing injured workers. Our ethos is conservative, multi-modal care with a step-wise return to work and work-related tasks. We are a small, boutique practice and welcome nurse case managers in the office to discuss the care of the injured worker. We believe in a team approach, working closely with the carrier, the employer, and the case manager as well as the injured worker. We personally see each patient and give them the time they need to facilitate a smooth treatment experience. We have a dedicated workers compensation coordinator that is available to help with all of your needs. We provide same day DWC -25 and medical notes within 24-48 hours.

At International Orthopaedic Specialists we pride ourselves in getting your injured worker in to see the doctor within 24 hours with same-day and next-day appointments. We understand that early access to specialist and subspecialist care means a quicker return to work and to their baseline quality of life. Drs. Deben and Sher can accurately assess the patient and create a treatment plan that is best for the work injury with in-house x-ray and ultrasound technology. We offer comprehensive care for all manner of general orthopaedic injuries including neck, back, shoulders, hips and knees as well as elbows, ankles and feet. Dr. Sher has a fellowship in sports and shoulder injuries and Dr. Deben has a fellowship in foot and ankle. We are able to provide instant treatment with bracing and casting as needed, so there is no delay in initiating immobilization as appropriate. Both Dr. Deben and Dr. Sher are both bilingual in English and Spanish and a Creole translator is always available on-site.

We also see second opinion/First-time change patients. We are experienced in conducting Independent Medical Examinations and Dr. Deben is a Certified Medical Examiner for the State of Florida.

International Orthopaedic Specialists can also provide custom orthotics, physical therapy and ultrasound-guided injections as approved by the adjuster/nurse case manager. Biologics like platelet-rich plasma, as well as cortisone and hyaluronic acid are common treatments utilized to improve pain and avoid surgery as appropriate.

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