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  • PRP brings Cobi Morales back to Racing!

    Cobi is a nationally ranked triathlete and co-owner of iRun. He was also #1 in the world in his age group for triathlon. A chronic, debilitating achilles tendonitis kept him from training and performing at his true capacity. This gifted athlete came to my office ready to stop running, ready to have surgery and ready to give up his dream. Fortunately, a successful platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) injection, and rigorous adherence to a recovery protocol, brought him back to racing, and to winning. Here are his words…

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  • Dolphin Cancer Challenge 2020

    On Saturday, February 29th, 2020, I was lucky enough to participate alongside 6,000 others in an incredible event in support of cancer survivors and cancer fighters everywhere. The 2020 Dolphin Cancer Challenge, hosted by the UM Sylvester Cancer Center, the Miami Dolphins and thousands of others across South Florida, was an event that I will never forget. Thousands grouped on bicycles and on foot to ride, run or walk, up to distances of 100 miles, in support of the fight against cancer.

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  • Forefoot Running Alternative for Runners with Achilles or Heel Pain

    Achilles or heel pain with running can be very debilitating to the impact athlete. Transitioning to a forefoot or midfoot strike with running can allow for continued running while simultaneously rehabilitating injured tissues. This is mostly due to the eccentric load that is placed on the plantar fascia and the achilles tendon during the deceleration phase of forefoot running. Who wouldn’t want to rehab and exercise at the same time! Thanks to the OrthoNOW Team and Dr. Alejandro Badia, I was able to present at the OrthoNOW Athletic Trainer’s Symposium at the Marlin’s Stadium in Miami, FL. Having the opportunity...

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  • How to select comfortable high heels

    The words “comfortable” and “high heels” are often not used together very often. But for women who are walking the line between both, here is a recent article in Prevention Magazine highlighting tips and tricks to make it through the day or night a few inches taller and far more comfortable!

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  • Ankle Fractures and Tendons

    Ankle fractures come in all shapes and sizes. Most are mild and can be managed with a walking-boot or a cast. Occasionally, they are more severe and can involve several parts of the ankle, such as the medial and lateral malleoli. Once two of the three main bony supports of the ankle are compromised, surgery is often required. Operating on the medial (or inside) malleolus is often completed percutaneously. Small incisions are beneficial due to less pain, swelling, bleeding and scarring.

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